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Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing may be separate or a single function in your business. Either way finding the best channels to market and getting the price right at the point of sale pose important and often the most complex challenges for every business.

Our sales and marketing pages and specialists aim to assist in finding solutions and providing resources to help small and medium sized businesses deal with their sales and marketing challenges.

What’s in a marketing plan?

The managers of many small and medium sized businesses often say they cannot afford to do any marketing and in saying this they are often thinking about marketing as buying advertising space. Marketing today includes a wealth of different methods… What’s in a marketing plan?

Tender Jargon Buster – sometimes it seems like each industry, sector and discipline has its own language and those involved in public sector tendering are no different. Some of the most common acronyms and other jargon is deciphered in the tender jargon buster.

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